I am a birth professional, trained in providing support during pregnancy and birth. The support is continuous, meaning I’m there for you during your pregnancy, your whole labor, birth and for a few hours afterward. Then I meet with you once again in few weeks after your baby is born to integrate your birth experience.
The wonderful and unique quality of a prenatal class is the connection with other pregnant women who are given an opportunity to verbalize their name, due date and any other appropriate information at the start of each class. This brief check-in allows each woman to express herself, find her voice and speak her truth about the peaks and valleys of her experience during pregnancy.
Preparing for a sacred birth involves the discovery of unconditional love for yourself. You are the most important member of your birth team and when you put yourself first and take exceptionally good care of your emotions, body and mind, you take good care of your baby, your family, your community and the whole world.
Often emotions intensify as you reflect on your history, your vision for yourself as a Mom, your hopes and dreams and the inevitable uncertainty that accompanies this transformational time. A customized Yoga Therapy session can be especially helpful in creating healthy pathways for new, more supportive thoughts and skillful behaviors for your particular body and mind.

“It’s not just the making of babies but the making of Mothers that constitutes the miracle of birth.”

-Barbara Katz Rothman, Sociologist, Author

What You Can Expect From My Birth Doula Services

I support women during pregnancy and will accompany you and your partner through labor and birth, providing emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual support.  I provide reassurance, positive perspectives, natural pain relief methods, pointers for your birth partner, positioning assistance and tips for maintaining a sacred, intimate space for your gentle birth.  I can also offer you Prenatal Yoga, Partner prenatal yoga, Yoga Nidra deep rest meditation recording, and reiki subtle, loving energy support.

The presence of a doula has been shown to raise the level of satisfaction with the birth experience.